Metatron: “Gebären und geboren werden” 4/4 channeling von Gerlinde Fink, vom 17.6.2009

A video from atlantisreturning is a beautiful montage of natures beauty. Great works of Marko’s that i have not seen.


Waleah and her Son (Interview at Foxhollow)

Waleah and her Son (Interview at Foxhollow)

Waleah, the host of Marko Pogacnik workshop on Elemental Beings discusses the nature of her “special son” in accordance to the workings of Marko.

Our realities are intertwined and interwoven and they influence our lives in many subtle ways. Unlike the angels, faeries have a physical body. Yet their bodies are so light and etheric in nature, that only those with developed clairvoyant abilities can easily perceive them. That isnt to say that one cannot learn to see them, or to perceive them through the use of another psychic sense. Faeries are surrounded by a shimmering light or aura, which to many, appears silvery blue or bright white in colour. While developing clairvoyance, faeries may initially appear as bright, sparkling lights. Yet as we fine-tune this sense, they generally take on a more solid and real appearance.

Foxhollow Lithopuncture Stone Installment: Diana’s insight

This interview is part of the Foxhollow Lithopuncture Circle Art installment that took place in March of 2008 outside of Louisville Kentucky. Diana explains her feelings about the process of group carving and her reaction to the final installation. 

Music as Metaphor, a way to associate and understand concepts in the etherial world. 


What are vibrations and how do they help us communicate with nature? What are the power of vibrations and music when dealing with the ethereal realm? Diana explains some of these concepts and speaks about the connection between vibrations and reality.

Toning at foxhollow

Diana speaks to the nature of toning and how as an exercise it creates harmony with in a landscape.

How to tell the story.

With out getting too deep into the story details I am interested in following a couple of important concepts. I see this as a film about high art. The experience of art and  the creation of worlds through imagination.

Folklore as seen in its classic text.  The story can be told in a Folklore fashion. Man’s storytelling of the Elemental World.


We need to familiarize our selves with Marko’s writing on the subject.

What are Elementals?

Ultimately we are guiding the audience through a journey into the elemental world. It is interesting to see how people engage the subject of how to achieve the elemental experience.

Our story telling needs to lead the method towards that experience. We will need to build the vocabulary that allows for people to follow and understand the concepts.

A Hitchhikers guide to Elemental Beings

Conversations with peter on the back porch at Foxhollow reveal the magical connection between Urban Folklore and Elemental experiences.  

The mythical references of Sophia, Venus and Gaya appear as different archetypal figures.  A fairy, A gnome, communities of hidden people. Through melody of song the experiences of elemental being are explored.  

Anna Pogacnik on Foxhollow

Anna Pogacnik explains her perspective on the land at Foxhollow. She explains the nature of patterns and the potential of occurrences that repeat them selves over time. The history of landscape becomes a blueprint for events to come.

Anna Pogacnik joined the group unannounced to be part of the Foxhollow Lithopuncture stone installment that took place in March of 2008. The daughter of Marko Pogacnik, Anna has taught Geomancy for several years and is loved by her students.

Bio dynamics at Foxhollow Farm

The Bio Dynamic method is based on the development of preparations that are used as treatments over a plot of land. The preparations are used to enhance agricultural growth. They act as vitamins for the earth used to stimulate plant growth.